See How
airbag works

Airbag simulator creates awareness of how our body behaves during a crash with the airbag in case of properly positioned seat and properly fastened seatbelts.



Modern cars are equipped in abundance of devices which may save our life, however, when we do not know how to use them or use them in a wrong way, then they may pose a deadly threat to us. This is exactly the case of airbags and seatbelts.

During the simulation we can also demonstrate the effects of improperly fastened seatbelts or wrong position behind the steering wheel.

Important features

Easy to use

Snap-on chair lock, lever-activated release.

Automatic retraction

Automatic retraction system pulls the test dummy on the trolley platform back to the starting position.
(extra option)

Reusable airbag

Airbag does not need to be replaced after each simulation. Cost-free and efficent solution.

What do you gain?

  • A tool to show how airbags work.
  • Possibility to demonstrate the forces acting on the human body.
  • A tool to make others aware of the need to fasten seat belts and correctly addjust their car seats.
  • The image of the company (institution) that cares about the promotion of safe driving.

What do course participants gain?

  • Knowledge about the principles of airbag operation.
  • Awareness of importance of fastening seat belts and adjusting car seat to the correct and safe position.
  • Understanding the principle of conservation of angular momentum by moving objects.
  • Awareness that slight speed increase generates much greater forces during collision.

Product advantages

  • Homologated seat with integrated seat belts, CE certificate.
  • Option of automatic retraction of seat trolley.
  • Simulation performed on the test dummy, possibility of demonstrating collisions without seat belts.
  • Possibility to order with a custom made trailer for transport.