car rollover

We believe that increased awareness of drivers contributes to improving safety on our roads. With Alucar rollover simulator you can see for yourself how the vehicle, our body and psyche behave during the car rollover.

When you enter the car and signal that you’re ready, it begins to rotate around its axis. Thanks to the experience you will understand why wearing seat belts is that important for your safety. You’ll also notice how dangerous loose and unsecured items are. Laptop, bottle or other objects can become lethal during an accident.

Important features

Highest safety

Emergency stop button – immediate shutdown, built in battery lets you level the simulator even in the case of power outage.

Speed and Smooth Control

Our simulators can rotate much faster that competitive devices. Select between three speed levels and direction of rotation.

Meets CE Standards

Tested against electrical discharges, operates on three phase or one phase power


Why Alucar?

Our company as a manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers designed the simulator on a trailer carried from the ground, dedicated to the individual conditions of each vehicle, which is the basis for complying with traffic regulations, distribution of axle loads, as well as appropriate vertical load on the hook (in accordance with the homologation). Only such solution will provide you with a safe transportation of the simulator.

In addition, our simulators have all the necessary approvals, entry into service, attests, European safety certificates, the study of  electromagnetic low-voltage and lightning protection. Our future cooperation will not end with the sale. We provide continuous support at every stage of the use of simulators. Our service is at your disposal around the clock, and the technical department will be informed about all the technological novelties and modifications.



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Amr Khamis

“Alucar delivers high quality and failure-free devices that exceed our clients expectations.”

“Alucar manufactured rollover simulator based on Toyota Yaris, seatbelt convincer and an airbag simulator for us.”
Polish Military Police is training on a rollover simulator and seatbelt convincer from Alucar.


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