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We have built the first truck rollover simulator in Poland based on the Renault Magnum cab. The body can be rotated 360 degrees, similar to simulators based on passenger cars. The high cab and distance from the ceiling during free suspension provide an unforgettable simulation experience.

This is the only simulator mainly aimed at future professional truck drivers, which will allow them to experience the effectiveness of seat belts in controlled conditions. The built-in reaction time simulator connected to the pedals in the cab will measure the speed and correctness of braking and provide the path to complete stopping on various surfaces.

Important features

Highest safety

An emergency stop button. A built-in battery (option) or manual method to rotate the cab back to the starting position.

Speed and ease of use

Our simulators can rotate faster than many competitive solutions. Available in 3 speed modes and the ability to change the rotation direction.

Meets CE standards

Tested for electrical discharges, power supply can be three-phase or single-phase.


Truck rollover simulator

Entry to the cab is through additional stairs with handrails. They are mounted on lockable wheels, allowing them to be quickly and safely placed and removed from the simulator. The simulator is mounted on a 2-axle trailer, which allows for easy transport. The basic power supply is 230V with an inverter that allows for the use of a control module. A three-phase power adapter is available.

The CE declaration meets machine standards. Electrical safety tests provide the certainty of safe use. An emergency stop guarantees immediate stopping of the device.

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